Shareholders Return

Dividend policy

Distribution of profit to shareholders is an important management issue. However, in consideration of recent performance, we have regrettably decided not to pay dividends since the fiscal year ended March 2020.
We proposed the reduction of common stock at the Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting held in June 2021 in order to facilitate the early resumption of dividend and the proposal was approved.
We aim to recover the business performance so that we can resume dividends payment at an early stage.

Dividend status

dividend (yen)
dividend (yen)
dividend (yen)
Payout ratio (%)
FY March 2009 30 30 47.2
FY March 2010
FY March 2011
FY March 2012
FY March 2013
FY March 2014
FY March 2015
FY March 2016 10 10 13.4
FY March 2017 10 12 22 28.3
FY March 2018 10 12 22 37.9
FY March 2019
FY March 2020
FY March 2021

Dividend status

Stock repurchase

  Number of shares
(thousand shares)
Total amount
(million yen)
FY March 2018 10,761 7,999
FY March 2019 8,300 5,012

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