2-6-1:Finance (Balance Sheets)

Cash and cash equivalentswas 84.5 billion yen at the end of March, 2019, decreased by 24.0 billion yen to 60.5 billion yen. Compared to the end of FY19/3, assets decreased by 94.8 billion yen (-29.0 billion yen in land, buildings and structures, and -24.0 billion yen in cash and cash equivalents). Liabilities decreased by 15.0 billion yen (-11.9 billion yen in bonds, borrowings, and lease obligations, and -5.0 billion yen in advances received), Net assets decreased by 79.7 billion yen to 1.5 billion yen and shareholders’ equity ratio decreased to 0.7% due to net loss of 80.2 billion yen.

Finance (Balance Sheets)

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