Medium-term Management Plan

Three-year plan

We have created a new three-year Medium-Term Management Plan "Creative Evolution 2020", from FY2018/3 to FY2020/3. We have set "support continuous growth of core businesses in ways that further increase corporate value while constructing a base for growth areas" as a basic policy , and we will determine its ideal state in the present business environment, and aim to create corporate and social value. We will achieve this goal by continuing to grow the core businesses, as well as build a strong growth business structure for future growth.

Medium-Term Management Plan: Key Points and Strategy

Numerical targets

Due to a recording of extraordinary loss related to construction defects in apartments constructed by Leopalace21, as well as in consideration of recent performance, we have revised forecasts for the final year (FY ending March 2020).

Numerical Targets (consolidated)

(Billions of yen)

(Initial Plan)*3
Sales 540.0 530.8 553.0 505.2 502.2
Operating profit 23.5 22.9 24.5 73.0 22.0
Net income 14.2 14.8 15.0 -68.6 0.1
ROIC *1 - 7% 8% 3% 0%
Occupancy rate *2 89.5% 90.6% 91.5% 88.3% 85.2%
Orders 92.0 87.6 75.0 73.3 62.0
Share buybacks - 8.0 5.0 5.0 -
Total return ratio 50.0% 92.3% - - -

The Leopalace21 Group expects to reverse deferred tax assets during the span of the "Creative Evolution 2020" medium-term management plan; management indicators are calculated based on normalized earnings that exclude one-off gains or losses.

  • *1 Return on invested capital (ROIC) = Net operating profit after taxes (NOPLAT) /Interest-bearing debt + Net assets
  • *2 Occupancy rate is the average rate during each fiscal year
  • *3 Figures for FY19/3 Initial Plan are forecasted figures announced on May 11, 2018

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