Medium to Long-term Strategies and Numerical Targets

Medium to Long-term Strategies and Numerical Targets

Leopalace21 has been working on resolving construction defects, implementing recurrence prevention measures, and enhancing corporate governance in order to restore trust that has been damaged by construction defects problem. In addition to selling a part of our businesses and assets, we have been working on business structural reforms such as improving productivity, reducing costs, and refining business model centered on the Leasing business. In order to restore the trust of stakeholders and ensure the recovery of business results, we completed the strategic review process, and have established and implemented the business plan from the fiscal year ending March 2021 based on the "Drastic Business Strategies Reconstruction".

Medium to Long-term Strategies

Medium to Long-term Strategies

Roadmap for Short Term and Mid to Long Term

Roadmap for Short Term and Mid to Long Term

Numerical Targets

Based on the judgment that the COVID-19 conditions will remain unchanged for the rest of FY, we reflected it on the revised plan for the FY21/3. The revised plan for the FY21/3 is operating loss of 34.6 billion yen and net loss of 44.4 billion yen.

Financial Plans

(Billion yen) FY18/3
Revised Plan
Sales 530.8 505.2 433.5 408.9
Gross Profit 96.0 76.2 25.4 17.7
SGAE 73.1 68.8 61.9 52.3
22.9 7.3 -36.4 -34.6
22.3 7.0 -36.3 -39.8
Net income* 14.8 -68.6 -80.2 -44.4
Occupancy rate
90.6% 88.3% 80.8% 79.3%
  • * "Net income" refers to "net income attributable to shareholders of the parent".

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