Basic Policies on Corporate Responsibility

Based on Leopalace21's corporate philosophy to "create new value," the Company strives to meet expectations and develop hand in hand with its customers and all other stakeholders, and make every effort to contribute to a sustainable society as a good corporate citizen.

Leopalace21's Basic Policy on Corporate Responsibility Activities

In 2013, the Company devised a new Basic CSR Action Policy with five themes in response to the changing needs of its stakeholders, social and environmental problems, and the requirements of ISO26000 as well as other standards and guidelines.
Based on compliance and corporate governance that supports its businesses, the Company intends to implement CSR activities in accordance with the policy, with the aim of "creating new value" together with all of its stakeholders.
The Company updates our key performance indicators (KPIs) and key topics for its CSR initiatives from time to time to address CSR issues that are linked to its businesses and change in concert with the currents of the times.

Leopalace21's Basic Policy on Corporate Responsibility Activities

CSR Management

The Company has established the CSR Executive Committee and CSR Committee as advisory bodies of the Board of Directors, and these committees are promoting CSR activities. In the CSR Executive Committee, members plan and determine CSR policies and other CSR-related activities which contribute to enhancing corporate values. The Director in charge of CSR is also the chairman of the CSR Committee, which consists of CSR members from each business division. CSR members report progress and discuss future plan of each CSR activity in the CSR Committee and promote CSR in the Company.

Sustainable Development Goals: Our SDG Initiatives

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are global targets for the years 2016 to 2030 that were adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015. They consist of 17 universal goals and 169 targets, which are applied to all countries including developed countries, addressing challenges such as disparities, sustainable consumption and production, and climate change. The Company strives to meet the needs and demands of society and contribute to solving the issues through initiatives which are in line with its Basic CSR Action Policy.

Sustainable Development Goals

Identifying the Materiality

Materiality for FY21/3

Our SDG Initiatives

Materiality for FY22/3

The Company initially identified the materiality for FY21/3 and updated them considering the current social and economic climate as well as the Company's own business conditions.
The Company extracted social challenges which are related to the Company's business and analyzed them to see if there are associated elements of risks or opportunities particularly from the operational viewpoints for FY22/3.
In addition to the segmentation of Environment, Social and Governance, the Company categorized the materiality into those which it aims to resolve through the business operation and those on which it should concentrate to strengthen its operational foundation.
"Handling construction defects" was one of the Company's peculiar materiality for FY21/3. The Company determined to continue it by making two KPIs in the Governance related materiality to ensure the execution of publicly announced repair completion plan and to avoid a recurrence of the same mistake, so that the Company should make sure that it receives continued priority for FY22/3.

Updated Materiality

Updated Materiality

Selected social challenges and associated opportunities and risks

Selected social challenges and associated opportunities and risks

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