Creating pleasant working environments and developing diverse human resources

Creating Worker-friendly Workplaces

Progress in Initiatives Advanced by Diversity Promotion Office

We believe promoting work-life balance is an important issue. The Work-Life Balance Promotion Office (current Diversity Promotion Office), established in January 2014 as a unit reporting directly to the President, promotes diverse working styles.
The usage rate for paid vacation days climbed to 76.8% in fiscal 2018, a sharp jump from a 33.0% rate in fiscal 2014 by introducing hourly paid vacation system as well as half a day paid vacation and the "refresh" vacation system.
In addition we have introduced an work-at-home telework system in order to build workplaces where each individual can fully harness their capabilities and potential.

Ratio of paid vacation usage/Data as of FY19/3

Formulated Action Plan Based on the Act on Promoting Women's Advancement in the Workplace

In order to support the continued employment of women and create a work environment where women can thrive, the following action plans was formulated.


From April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2021


  1. We are happy about the gender equality at the time of hiring but see it a challenge the disparity in the managerial positions partly because of female employees' shorter length of service on average.
  2. The performance evaluation results indicate no significant gender-related difference, yet fewer women seek promotion to be managers, perhaps lack of sufficient role models.

3.Numerical target

  1. Increase the number of women in management positions to 150 by the end of March 2021
  2. Increase the average length of women's service to reach 80% or more of its counterpart.

Support for Career Development of Female Employees

The company provides following training courses in response to the action plans formulated based on the Act on Promoting Women's Advancement in the Workplace.

Training for Managers

Since fiscal 2016, managers have been participating in a series of training programs for noticing their roles in supporting their female subordinates' career progression. They study cases and hold group discussions to raise their awareness about things like the ways to empower female employees and communication to better nurture them.

Training for managers

Training for managers

Women's Leadership Training

Since fiscal 2016, we have conducted the "Leadership Training for Female Leaders." The participants are expected to learn long-term career perspectives as a leader, various leadership models, and others which are aligned with the company's aim of realizing diversified leadership and women's progression to higher management.

Career Training for Mid-career Female Employees

Since fiscal 2016, we have conducted career training for female employees. We provide training to help employees learn about long-term career thinking and working in anticipation of the future, in line with the company's objective of cultivating their awareness for career development from an early stage.

Career training for mid-career female employees

Career training for mid-career female employees

Support for Work-life Balance

Divisional Efforts to Expand Job Categories for Female Employees

With the declining birthrate and aging population, the number of young workers is declining sharply. In order to create a medium-to long-term structure that enables diverse human resources and diverse working styles, we are taking measures in each division to expand the range of job opportunities for female employees.

Solution Promotion Office

In fiscal 2015, we established the Solution Promotion Office, a sales organization composed entirely of women. (As of October 2017, 40 employees were deployed with 5 female managers). Rather than proposing to customers what we would like to sell, this is a department that considers what customers really need from the customer's perspective, considers and proposes from a variety of alternatives, and works to resolve customer issues. Since its inception, the Office has steadily built up a track record, uncovering and resolving a wide range of potential issues faced by customers. These include not only apartment construction, but also the reconstruction of company dormitories, reconstruction proposals for custom-built houses due to the aging of their homes, and accepting entrustment of property management services.

Members of Solution Promotion Office

Members of Solution Promotion Office

Female managers making proposal to customers

Female managers making proposal to customers

Activity and Training of Female Employees in the Technology Department

We are also working to empower and develop female employees in the technology departments, and we began initiatives to promote women's participation in the workplace, which is promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Since 2017, women's field supervisors have been active as "Kensetsu-Komachi" (a eulogistic name for female employees who works in the construction industry, in particular with field jobs) in the Construction Management Department. As part of our efforts to improve the environment at construction sites, female site supervisors to propose ideas to make construction sites more comfortable and more women-friendly. We planned and proposed dedicated space for female supervisors in the workplace. To create a workplace environment that is friendly to women, we are promoting the introduction of women's toilets with dial locks and women-only changing rooms, and are working to create a safer and more comfortable environment. In the workplace like construction sites, we are actively working to create an environment and a corporate culture in which women can continue to work as engineers.


From website of Japan Federation of Construction Contractors

Female field supervisors of Leopalace21

Female field supervisors of Leopalace21

Area for female field supervisors

Area for female field supervisors

Lavatory for women's only with dial rock

Lavatory for women's only with dial rock

Utilization of Telework to Expand the Women's Advancement in the Workplace

Since fiscal 2016, we have introduced a telework system (remote work and mobile work). Work from home is permitted, in principle, up to eight times a month on the condition that employees can perform their duties independently and demonstrate the same level of performance as they work in the office. (More than eight times are permissible as an exception.) By realizing a flexible working system, we aim to create more comfortable working environments for female employees.
We also actively promote the use of this telework system by monthly monitoring of the status of teleworking and providing feedback to the entire company, and posting interviews with employees who use telework system on our internal website. Telework aims not only to support employees in balancing childcare and nursing care, but also to improve productivity, thus reducing overtime and reinforcing sales capabilities by mobile work using tablet devices which enables increased time with the customers.
In January 2018, we received the "Encouragement Award" at the commendation ceremony for telework promotion sponsored by the Japan Telework Association, in recognition of our commitment to a society in which diverse human resources can play an active role. In addition, we were selected as a company that is promoting the introduction and utilization of telework in the "FY2018 Top Hundred Telework Pioneers" announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Creation and Distribution of a Guidebook for Balancing Work and Family Care for All Employees

One of the tools to deepen understanding of the system related to childcare and nursing care was the Family Care Balanced with Work Guidebook for Supervisors and Subordinates." This guidebook not only explains the system, but also describes the mental attitude and preparedness of employees faced with child-rearing or nursing care, preparations in advance for balancing with their work, and how supervisors should respond to problems faced by subordinates.

a Guidebook for Balancing Work and Family Care for All Employees

Special Extension of Childcare Leave

If the parents are unable to find a vacancy in a childcare center, we have set an extended period of childcare leave until first March 31, after a child becomes 18 months old. However, as a special measure to deal with the prolonged vacancy issue, female employees are able to extend this period to the day just before the child turning to three.

Health-Focused Management

Declaration of Health-Focused Management

As a frontrunner in health-focused management, the Leopalace21 Group regards the mental and physical health of each employee as the driving force behind innovation, and supports the health of employees as well as actively promotes a health-focused management strategy. We will continue to actively support the health of our employees through experts and professionals, with an aim to strengthen our activities in improving their health literacy and promoting their health. The main themes of the program are: ① mental health plans; ② support for work-life balance with treatments for cancer, cerebrovascular diseases, etc.; and ③ improvement of health index figures. Since its launch in fiscal 2017, we have been working to further accelerate Leo-FIT campaign, with which we support the health of our employees. We will continue to enhance the lives of our employees and improve the level of engagement in order to raise productivity and corporate value.

President and CEO
Bunya Miyao


In May 2018, we established the Healthcare Promotion Office. We will further strengthen and drive health-focused management. In addition, the director in charge of health-focused management will manage the Healthcare Promotion Office, and various measures will be implemented through collaboration between industrial physicians, industrial health staff, the Health Insurance Society, and members in the Human Resources Department. Looking ahead, we will further promote health-focused management with the goal of reducing the smoking rate, reducing the obesity rate to 25% (26.9% in the previous year result), improving the percentage of employees who engage in regular athletic activities to 65% (63.9% in the previous year result); and with mental impairment to 0.5% (0.7% in the previous year result). We will try to attract more readers for the internal magazine "Wellness Letter."

Transition of Health-Focused Management

2015 -The first Health Forum was held (an employee health promotion event with a partner company).
-Enhancement of encouraging all employees to undergo health checkups
-2 Implementation of Up-and-Down 3 Educational Activities (Enlightenment activities for use of stairs)
-Health Management Office established
-Establishment of support programs for return to work
-Establishment of an external counseling service for mental health (strengthening of the counseling service since 2012)
-Strengthen health promotion measures by industrial health staff (public health nurses, occupational therapists, and industrial counselors)
2016 -2016 Held health forums in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sendai
-Enlightening activities to participate in health festivals from health unions
-First Health Awareness Survey
-Publication of the 2016 Wellness Report
-Strengthening Health Awareness Activities through Human Resources Blogs
-Implementation of awareness campaign for "zero yen gym" (use of stairs)
-Trial introduction of diet program by dieticians
-Introduction of health promotion services utilizing "health age@"
-Started a health promotion point system using smartphone app
2017 -2017 Health Forum (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai)
-Second Health Awareness Survey
-Publication of the 2017 Wellness Report
-Health-enhancing exercise [Leo Fit exercise] begins
-Establishment of Smoking Reduction Month (Smoking Cessation Awareness Activities)
2018 -Establishment of the Healthcare Promotion Office
-Start of health age minus 1-year-old project
-Implementation of company-wide non-smoking days
-Implementation of smoking-free exercise and restriction of use of elevators for 30 minutes after smoking
-Introduction of Soken app for project to improve dietary habits
-Promotion of Circle Activities
-Publication of the 2018 Wellness Report
-Recommendation for commuting to sneakers
-Collaboration event with XEBIO (foot-type measurement meeting)
2019 -Promote initiatives to eradicate occupational accidents
-Implementation of company-wide non-smoking days
-Implementation of smoking-free exercise and restriction of use of elevators for 30 minutes after smoking
-Elimination of indoor smoking areas
-Formulation of mental health plan
-Publication of internal magazine "Wellness Letter" and "Break time"
-Implementation of health guidance for specific organizations (increase of specified health guidance implementation rate by 45%)
-Selection of persons in charge of promoting mental health
-Implementation of refresh counseling for overseas expatriates and new employees
-Publication of the 2019 Wellness Report

Publication of the Wellness Report

Numerical analyses are conducted to visualize the health conditions of all employees. We publish a Wellness Report to with analyzed effect of these various efforts over time and to consider further health promotion measures.

Leopalace21 Wellness Report 2016
Leopalace21 Wellness Report 2017
Leopalace21 Wellness Report 2018

Health Support Using Experts

We are working to strengthen health support through the expertise of specialists. In 2015, we established a Health Management Office at the head office for public health nurses to encourage target employees to undergo secondary health checkups and provide health guidance in order to prevent the onset and from becoming severe. In addition, in 2018 we organized the Health Care Promotion Office to promote health exercise and promote measures such as to visualizing health conditions and preventing lifestyle-related diseases as well as raising health awareness within the company. In addition, we are implementing workplace environment improvement and line care training through conducting stress checks.

Health Management Office①
Health Management Office②
Health Management Office③

Health Forums

We hold events in which employees can check their own health conditions by using smart health checks, such as devices for measuring skin and Brain Age. In addition to lectures on health, yoga/breathing method, and health counseling by public health nurses, the event offers other lectures and consultation booths in cooperation with companies engaged in healthcare businesses, police stations, and vocational schools. Through this event, we aim to support the health of not only our employees, but also their families and owners, to strengthen relationships with the stakeholders.

Health Forums①
Health Forums②
Date Place # of Participating employees # of Participating companies
1 December 3 and 4, 2015 Tokyo headquarters About 600 9
2 June 20, 2016 Nagoya About 150 8
3 July 11, 2016 Sendai About 70 7
4 September 12, 2016 Hakata About 150 7
5 October 7, 2016 Osaka About 200 6
6 November 10 and 11, 2016 Tokyo headquarters About 700 13
7 June 12 and 13, 2017 Nagoya About 150 11
8 July 27, 2017 Hakata About 150 7
9 August 28, 2017 Sendai About 100 10
10 October 20, 2017 Osaka About 130 9
11 December 21 and 22, 2017 Tokyo headquarters About 540 20
12 June 11, 2018 Nagoya About 110 12
13 November 15 and 16, 2018 Tokyo headquarters About 610 18

Mental Health Training and Line-care training

In order to create an environment where employees can work vigorously, we hold mental health training sessions by inviting outside lecturers when new employees join the company, where they learn how to deal with themselves when they feel stressed. For managers, we also provide training to study the importance of line care in daily management and to raise awareness of return-to-work programs.

Specific Health Guidance and Health Consultation

In the fiscal 2018, both in-house and external public health nurses cooperated to provide specific health guidance at three locations in Tokyo, Saitama, and Fukuoka as a countermeasure against lifestyle-related diseases. As a result of these efforts, those who were busy with their regular jobs and were unable to visit medical institutions managed to obtain specific health guidance. The number of people who have undergone such guidance increased more than fivefold. We also hold health counseling sessions to provide tips to a wide range of people, including those with health problems, smoking habits, and those who are concerned about the peculiarities of women.

Internal E-mail Newsletter Containing Articles about Health

The internal newsletter "Wellness Letter" and "Break Time," which were launched in May 2018, are healthcare bibles that focus on "mental and physical health" under the theme chosen by our industrial health staff of "Secrets to live by one's own values in healthier conditions." We regularly publish these respective reports because we believe that healthy living will greatly improve our business performance.

Joined "Iku Boss" Corporate Alliance

In March 2017, Leopalace21 joined the "Iku Boss" Corporate Alliance established by NPO Fathering Japan.
The alliance is aimed at socializing managers (i.e., bosses) to deliver results for the organization and still find time to enjoy their work and private lives while keeping in mind the work-life balance of employees reporting to them. It is a company network that aims to transform the way managers and executives think about such matters.

Stakeholder's Voice

Diverse Human Resource Development

Employee Training System

We have put in place a training system to help each employee develop his or her skills independently in order to realize his or her own self-fulfillment, aiming to become a person and organization capable of self-reliance. "Rank-based Training" is designed to develop abilities required for each rank. In addition to group-based training, employees acquire skills on an ongoing and gradual basis by using preliminary and ex-post assignments and e-learning courses for group training. In addition, after promotion to managerial posts, employees undergo training for managerial posts to acquire the skills and knowledge that they require as managers, and learn the organizational management and development of subordinates.

Support for Employees Seeking to Obtain Qualifications

Each division provides support to acquire various public qualifications directly related to operations. We aim to establish a system to respond to a wide range of requests from customers by deepening the expertise of each employee and accumulating various types of knowledge.

  • Support for learning:
    The company will assist employees by providing guidance on recommended courses of qualifications and encourage them to obtain such qualifications by subsidizing a part of the course fee for a real estate broker and others.
  • Payment of rewards and examination expenses:
    The company will assist employees by providing guidance on recommended courses of qualifications and encourage them to obtain such qualifications by subsidizing a part of the course fee for a real estate broker and others.

Support for Career Formation and Career Development

We operate various programs and provide career education to help employees develop their careers independently.

  • Career Plan Registration System:
    A system in which each employee thinks about his or her future career plan and consults his or her superior according to the plan.
  • Job posting system:
    A system that allows employees to apply for another job that suit their career orientation in accordance with available internal job openings.
    By providing such support, we will improve the employee's sense of growth and engagement, as well as prepare the internal environment that leads to further improvement of business performance and customer satisfaction.

Career Course Changing System

We have five career courses in different job categories and mobility combinations and the employees can change courses if they meet certain conditions.

  • Employees under general contract:
    Those who may be transferrable in all regions in Japan and overseas
  • Employees under restricted contract:
    Those who, in principle, may only be transferrable within a commutable range from their current residence.
  • Employees under general contract at Azumi-en (elderly care facility):
    Those whose job is limited to the nursing care facilities business and may be transferrable in all regions in Japan and overseas
  • Employees under restricted contract at Azumi-en (elderly care facility):
    Those whose job is limited to the nursing care facility business and, in principle, may only be transferrable within a commutable range from current residence.
  • Employees under specific contract at Azumi-en (elderly care facility):
    Those whose job is limited to the nursing care facilities business and designated to a specific facility.

Personnel System

Our personnel system emphasizes linkage between grading based on role and ability, performance evaluation, and compensation. We will raise the management awareness and development motivation of each employee, and promote further growth of both the company and employees through the personnel system.

Promoting Employment of Disabled People

In August 2009, Leopalace Smile Co., Ltd. was established as a subsidiary to employ more disabled employees, and was authorized in November 2019 to be a special subsidiary.

Leopalace Smile
Fiduciary businesses of Leopalace Smile
Sorting mail
Shredding documents
Cleaning offices
Creating content-certificated electronic mail
Creating business cards
Employment ratio of disabled people
April 1, 2008 1.51%
April 1, 2009 1.63%
April 1, 2010 1.96%
March 31, 2011 2.09%
March 31, 2012 2.05%
March 31, 2013 2.07%
March 31, 2014 2.07%
March 31, 2015 2.04%
March 31, 2016 2.05%
March 31, 2017 2.14%
March 31, 2018 2.17%
March 31, 2019 2.23%

Main Activities and Targets the CSR Committee Oversees

Main Activities and Targets the CSR Committee Oversees

More information about corporate responsibility activities

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