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Rent Assessment System Utilizing AI, a First in the Real Estate Industry

The Company and AI inside Inc. have jointly developed a rent assessment system using AI inside's "Neural X artificial intelligence (AI)" system to help determine rents and optimize the operation of properties. The system was introduced on February 1, 2018.
By introducing this system, which is capable of learning not only the rent-setting data accumulated by Leopalace21, but also basic information, location conditions, information about the surrounding area, as well as a vast amount of data using deep learning technology, the Company can now calculate prices to reflect a property's inherent value and the unique strengths of Leopalace21. This has made it possible to properly calculate rents and strategically set rents, along with improving the worklife balance of employees and cutting costs. Leopalace21 will continue to proactively incorporate the latest technologies, including AI.

Promoting Smart Apartments

"Leo Lock" Smart Lock Installations

We developed jointly with smart lock marketer Glamo Inc. a smart lock customized to match Leopalace21 specifications called "Leo Lock." We will install these locks in Leopalace21 apartments completed after October 2017 on orders received as far back as April 2017. We expect Leopalace21 to be the largest provider in Japan of rental housing with network-linked smart locks and home appliance controls. With Leo Lock functionality, the Company can remotely manage key cylinder replacements, key handovers, and responses to lost key inquiries so it can sharply reduce administrative costs as well as make life more convenient for tenants. Moreover, Leo Lock coupled with Leo Remocon makes it possible to confirm remotely whether the main door lock is open or locked, change the default setting for in-room lighting to automatically switch on or shut off depending on whether this lock is open or locked, and control home appliances.

Leo Lock Smart Lock Installations

"Leo Remocon" a Standard Feature in All New-Build Apartments

Installed in the apartments of new buildings completed after October 2016, Leo Remocon is a device that enables tenants to use their smartphones to remotely control home appliances with a remote control infrared receiver while also displaying in-room temperature, humidity, and illumination. We provide dedicated apps for Leo Remocon so tenants can use proprietary functions such as "Life Stick" compatibility.

Leo Remocon a Standard Feature in All New-Build Apartments

New Services Using "Life Stick"

The recently developed "Life Stick" is a remote control for set top box (STB) devices and can access apps for Android TV via the LEONET internet service platform we provide tenants. It has been a standard feature in Leopalace21 apartments since July 2016, when rollout to the 560,000 rooms we manage across Japan began. With smart devices accelerating a diversifying trend in consumer lifestyles, we aim to provide services that align with this trend such as daily life information like weather data and Wi-Fi access points.

New Services Using Life Stick

Installed Open-type delivery locker "PUDO Station"

Since 2016 we have continued to install open-type parcel delivery lockers known as PUDO Stations (provided by Packcity Japan). As of December 2018, we had installed these lockers at more than 100 of our properties. More and more people are shopping online but unable to be at home during designated parcel delivery times owing to changing lifestyles. A nearby PUDO Station locker resolves this problem. They are also helping to alleviate the issue of labor shortages at delivery companies. We will continue to install more of these lockers up ahead in an effort to improve customer convenience and find solutions to problems faced by society.

Installed Open-type delivery locker

Nursing care facility with the latest IoT systems

The Company's subsidiary Azu Life Care Co., Ltd. opened the nursing care facility Azumi En Fuji (day and short-stay services), which has introduced and employs IoT systems, in February 2018.
In addition to installing a security camera system to watch over and prevent users from leaving the facility, it has introduced a bed-leaving sensor that detects the status of people who are sleeping simply by placing it on their bed, and a finger vein authentication key that locks and unlocks doors using finger veins instead of a key, making Azumi En Fuji a nursing care facility that employs the largest number of IoT systems in Shizuoka Prefecture.* We will make active use of IoT systems to manage the health of facility users, improve services to increase security, and lessen the burden on facility staff.

  • *Leopalace21 survey
Nursing care facility with the latest IoT systems
Selected as Competitive IT Strategy Company

Offering Safe and Secure Residences

Basic Policy for CSR in Procurement (Established on August 1, 2016)

The Leopalace21 Group will promote CSR activities based on the following basic policy for procurement with suppliers from whom the Leopalace21 Group procures building materials, equipment, office supplies, and office equipment.

  1. Based on the principles of free and fair competition, the Leopalace21 Group will comprehensively examine the quality, price, economic performance, delivery time, corporate managing policy, credibility, etc., and assign top priority to suppliers that offer superior performance.
  2. Working together with suppliers, the Leopalace21 Group will abide by the corresponding laws and regulations and rules of the countries and regions where the Leopalace21 Group engages in business activities, and will conduct sound and fair corporate activities. To achieve coexistence and co-prosperity, the Leopalace21 Group will establish mutual understanding and build mutual trust relationships with suppliers.
  3. The Leopalace21 Group will conduct transactions with all suppliers in a fair and equal manner. The Group will fully perform its duties under the contracts with suppliers, and will not take advantage of its superior position to impose unfair conditions of transactions on and demand unreasonable advantages, etc. from its suppliers.
  4. The Leopalace21 Group will promote green procurement, giving consideration to the preservation of the earth's environment and working together with its suppliers to reduce the environmental impact.
  5. The Leopalace21 Group will strictly manage information, etc. shared between the Group and its suppliers, and work to prevent the leaking of information to outside parties.

Safe and Secure Housing

To meet the needs of tenants and property owners who seek homes with strong security systems, the Company has tied up with the leading security service companies, SECOM CO., LTD. and SOHGO SECURITY SERVICES CO., LTD., to install security systems in 290,000 rooms, which make up a majority of properties under our management. We are also boosting our security measures by becoming the first in the industry to introduce a cloudbased security camera service at our rental properties.

Safe and Secure Housing

Furthermore, all apartments of the Company's core MIRANDA and CLEINO brands have acquired the "Excellent Security Rental Apartment" certification, a program established by the Japan National Crime Prevention Association and the Center for Better Living that certifies apartments which meet their security criteria.

Improving Customer Satisfaction with High-quality Service

Service Centers Offer Full Post-Move-in Support

Leopalace21 has systems in place to respond swiftly to various problems and emergencies that can arise after moving in to an apartment. At our service centers, our specialist communicators accurately analyze inquiries from customers and continuously add and update the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on our website. In this way, we ease customer doubts and anxieties and improve satisfaction levels, and thus enable them to live safe, comfortable lives in the apartments we manage.
Our menu of tenant services is reshaping what people expect from rental housing, such as concierge services that respond to tenant requests via MY PAGE, a site exclusively for tenants launched in 2013.

Service Centers Offer Full Post-Move-in Support

Living Support for Foreign National Tenants

We opened a Global Support Center (GSC Shinjuku*) to provide dedicated in-branch support services to foreign customers currently living in our apartments. Our employees, including 15 foreign national staff members, offer a reassuring and comfortable living environment to foreign customers from the time they become tenants through to the time they leave by providing general living support in their native languages. Services include various explanations upon moving in to the apartment and consultation regarding various issues that may arise during their tenancy. We will continue to implement initiatives aimed at maintaining and improving quality of life for foreign national tenants.

  • *We also opened a GSC in Nagoya in June 2019.
Living Support for Foreign National Tenants

Main Activities and Targets the CSR Committee Oversees

Main Activities and Targets the CSR Committee Oversees

More information about corporate responsibility activities

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