Creating an environmentally friendly society

CO2 emissions (Scope 1, 2, 3)

We consider environmental impact monitoring to be essential for environmental conservation activities. In fiscal 2017, we calculated CO2 emissions from electricity and gas use as well as CO2 emissions from driving gasoline vehicles. We also started disclosing CO2 emissions for Scope 3, given the importance of understanding the CO2 amounts emitted in upstream and downstream business activities in order to identify processes requiring environmental conservation efforts.
With regard to the Company's business activities, CO2 emissions from electricity and gas use at rental housing are high, and therefore, providing energy-saving rental housing is an area in which the Company can make the most contribution to reducing our environmental impact. Monitoring has further revealed that the Company has succeeded in lowering CO2 emissions in Scopes 1 and 2 (electricity and gas use and gasoline use) and Scope 3 over the past 3 years.

CO<sub>2</sub> emissions (Scope 1, 2, 3)

Environmental Accounting

The Company makes active efforts to reduce its environmental impact through solar power generation. The right figure illustrates the results of applying our solar power generation to environmental accounting.
CO2 emissions were reduced by 24,590t, equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed per year by about 2 million Japanese cedar trees (assumes a 40-year life span for Japanese cedar trees) based on the preliminary calculations of the Forestry Agency. In terms of economic performance, surplus was achieved following on from the previous fiscal year.

Environmental Accounting

Contributing to a Low-Carbon Society by Building ZEH Housing

The Company's subsidiary Morizou Co., Ltd. offers "100-Year of Homes" made of kiso-hinoki, a premium precious wood. Morizou homes have industry-leading insulation and airtightness, and achieve high-energy efficiency by adopting designs that make the most use of the blessings of natural light and wind. Aiming to build a low-carbon recycling society to solve global warming issues, we will install energy creation facilities such as solar power systems with the goal of increasing the adoption of Zero Energy Home (ZEH*) to 50% by 2020. We will continue to develop eco-friendly homes to enable people to live economically and comfortably and to contribute to the creation of forests that protect the finite natural environment.

  • * Net zero energy house: House with zero net primary energy consumption per year
Contributing to a Low-Carbon Society by Building ZEH Housing

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Energy consumption

  FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Total energy input (GJ) 387,164 333,826 353,219
Scope 1 CO2 emissions (t-CO2) 6,406 5,392 5,467
  Head office and branches  688 496 398
  Azumi En nursing care facilities  1,110 970 1,167
  Leopalace hotels  503 311 412
  Vehicle gasoline 4,104 3,615 3,490
Scope 2 CO2 emissions (t-CO2) 16,598 14,692 13,719
  Head office and branches  9,097 8,285 7,311
  Azumi En nursing care facilities  5,872 5,142 4,877
  Leopalace hotels  1,629 1,265 1,531
Scope 1+2 CO2 emissions (t-CO2) 23,004 20,084 19,186
Ratio of Scope 1+2 CO2 emissions and sales (t-CO2/billion yen) 45 39 36
Scope 3 CO2 emissions (t-CO2) 907,727 873,167 864,448
  Category 1 (purchased materials) 58,462 51,992 44,810
  Category 2 (capital goods) 33,249 17,892 34,127
  Category 3 (electricity-related) 3,926 4,337 4,409
  Category 6 (business travel)
  Category 7 (employee commuting)
  Category 13 (electricity and gas use by rental housing) 812,091 798,946 781,102
Scope 1+2+3 CO2 emissions (t-CO2) 930,731 893,251 883,634
Ratio of Scope 1+2+3 CO2 emissions and sales (t-CO2/billion yen) 1,820 1,716 1,665
  • * Scope 1 = direct emission from gas and vehicles, Scope 2 = indirect emission from electricity, Scope 3 = indirect emission other than Scope 1 and 2

Renewable energy (Solar power generation)

  FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
No. of buildings with solar power systems 12,964 12,987 12,995
  of which, installed by L21 Group (buildings) 4,493 4,495 4,494
Solar power generation capacity (kW) 182,070 182,443 182,591
  of which, installed by L21 Group (kW) 67,060 67,100 67,100
Solar power generation (1,000 kWh) 174,654 175,012 175,153
  of which, installed by L21 Group (1,000 kWh) 64,328 77,403 78,189
CO2 reduction via solar power generation (t-CO2) 54,927 55,040 55,084
  of which, installed by L21 Group (t-CO2) 20,231 24,343 24,590
  • * Power generation and CO2 reduction are estimated values (1 kW generation capacity≒959 kWh expected annual power generation, 1 kWh expected annual power generation≒0.314 kg-CO2 reduction)

Water resources

  FY2016 FY2017
Water resources input (1,000 m3) 396 394
Wastewater (1,000 m3) 362 315
Recycled water (1,000 m3) 26 26
  • * Amount of water resources input and wastewater includes domestic hotels and resort facilities, recycled water includes domestic hotels

Industrial waste

  FY2016 FY2017
Industrial waste (t) 38,330 32,739
Industrial waste per completed building (t / buildings) 55 53
  • * Waste from construction sites

Paper input

Paper input (million A4-size sheets) 113

Independent Assurance Statement

Independent Assurance Statement

Main Activities and Targets the CSR Committee Oversees

Main Activities and Targets the CSR Committee Oversees

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