Contributing to the local community

Contribute to the Creation of a Friendly Living Environment through Communication with Local Communities

Creating Better Places to Live via Our Cleanup Campaign

We are continuing with our neighborhood cleanup campaign to encourage our employees to form attachments to the towns and regions where we operate businesses and to promote deeper interaction among stakeholders. Those participating in the campaign are, naturally, Leopalace21 employees as well as landowners and their families and local contractors who work for us at apartment construction sites. It seeks to foster communication between them and local residents.

Cleanup campaign Performance data
Entire company in unison(4 events) Total 3,037 participants at 2,272 buildings
Immediate vicinity of construction sites Total 10,976 participants at 2,115 sites

Lockers for Around-the-Clock Package Pickups and Drop-offs

PUDO stations, run by Packcity Japan, a joint venture between France's Neopost Shipping S.A. and Japan's Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., are lockers that accept deliveries that recipients can pick up at any time. A recipient tells the sender the PUDO station where a package should be delivered, and once the delivery has been made, the recipient only needs to input two passwords to pick up the delivery. As of March 2018, Leopalace21 has installed PUDO stations in 35 buildings, starting with Leopalace RX Nakano Sakaue in September 2016. As the lockers can be used by all residents living nearby, they not only make life more convenient for Leopalace21 apartment tenants but also contribute to the community.

Charity and Donations

We never know when a major disaster will threaten people's lives, whether domestic or overseas. As a corporate citizen, and also as a company engaging in business related to people's lives, Leopalace21 makes donations and collects contributions from employees and customers to support disaster victims.

Content Date of contribution Amount Donated to
The Niigataken Chuetsu-oki Earthquake August 2007 5,000,000 yen Kashiwazaki Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters
Sichuan Earthquake June 2008 8,096,600 yen Japan Red Cross Society*
Sichuan Earthquake (additional support) July 2008 1,205,430 yen Japan Committee for UNICEF*
Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku Earthquake July 2008 2,283,002 yen Japan Red Cross Society*
  • *Implemented one-on-one "matching gifts" with the company, employees, and customers

Donations to support victims of the 2016 Taiwan earthquake

At 3:57 AM local time (4:57 AM in Tokyo) on February 6, 2016, an earthquake with a moment magnitude of 6.4 struck in southern Taiwan.
To support the victims of this disaster, Leopalace21 has donated 1% of its sales (96,104 yen) of disaster prevention items "THE SECOND AID" to the Japan Red Cross Society on March 11, 2016.

As a company supplying residences, we will continue to support victims of disasters in the future.

Blood Donations

Leopalace21 periodically carries out blood donation drives for employees.

Blood Donations
Blood Donations
Date Place Participated employees
July 2008 Chu-shikoku sales headquarters 177
November 2008 Tokyo headquarters 111
December 2009 Tokyo headquarters 147
December 2010 Tokyo headquarters 167
April 2011 Osaka office 47
December 2011 Tokyo headquarters 145
December 2012 Tokyo headquarters 129
December 2013 Tokyo headquarters 111
December 2014 Tokyo headquarters 157
December 2015 Tokyo headquarters 152
Saitama Call Center 63
May 2016 Osaka office 47
December 2016 Tokyo headquarters 168
Saitama Call Center 44
February - April 2017 Nationwide blood donation campaign 160
June 2017 Hotel Leopalace Nagoya 53
July 2017 Hotel Leopalace Hakata 50
November 2017 Osaka office 50
December 2017 Tokyo headquarters 186
Saitama Call Center 45

"Volunteer Vending Machines"

Leopalace21 places "volunteer vending machines" in our offices, and 1 to 3 yen per refreshments sold will be donated to charity organizations.

Volunteer Vending Machines
Organizations FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Sawayaka Welfare Foundation 222,716 yen 203,217 yen 181,765 yen 144,200 yen 105,102 yen
Plan Japan 362,361 yen 370,065 yen 311,367 yen 254,077 yen 171,293 yen 42,876 yen 11,151 yen
National Federation of The Physically Disabled and Their Parents Associations 376,971 yen 428,997 yen 616,101 yen 643,548 yen 696,492 yen 1,120,116 yen 1,314,168 yen
CIESF 67,134 yen 180,273 yen 350,070 yen 400,782 yen 395,538 yen 340,971 yen 304,350 yen
Japan Cancer Society 33,980 yen 86,722 yen 66,678 yen 61,870 yen 72,518 yen 69,410 yen 82,054 yen
Japan Society of Breast Health 33,741 yen 27,669 yen 55,923 yen 59,919 yen 32,028 yen 18,645 yen 16,989 yen
Japan Kennel Club 47,706 yen 31,308 yen 8,274 yen
Total 1,096,903 yen 1,296,943 yen 1,581,904 yen 1,564,396 yen 1,520,679 yen 1,623,326 yen 1,736,986 yen

Leopalace Recycle Reading

We collect used books from employees, and sell them to VALUE BOOKS Corporation. Proceeds are then donated to National Network for Victim Support.

Leopalace Recycle Reading
Year Amount Donated to
2010 5,213 yen Disabilities Support Charity Organization
2011 7,062 yen Disabilities Support Charity Organization
2012 3,979 yen Japan Red Cross Society
2013 2,144 yen Japan Red Cross Society
2014 2,280 yen Japan Red Cross Society
2015 2,171 yen Japan Red Cross Society
2016 22,066 yen Japan Red Cross Society
2017 11,439 yen Disabilities Support Charity Organization

Supporting UNHCR

Leopalace21 promotes business under the theme of "supplying high-quality residences." However, there are many people worldwide who have lost their homes through wars and oppression.

As a corporation supplying residences, Leopalace21 has decided to donate a portion of its revenue from its internet shopping business to UNHCR. This donation will be used by UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to support refugees in more than 125 countries around the world.
We will continue to support refugees through donations, as well as spreading the present state of refugees through local activities.

Supporting UNHCR

UNHCR staff talking to a family of refugees in a refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya UNHCR / B. Heger / September 2009

Sports Promotion

We support many pro athletes through provision of our facilities. We aim to contribute to society with sports promotions that advance competitive athletic sports through our sponsorships. We are sponsors of the Japan national swimming team and the Japan Swimming Federation, a public interest incorporated federation, and the Japan Weightlifting Association, a public interest incorporated federation. We have been the title sponsor of "Leopalace21 Myanmar Open," a golf tournament for professional male golfers in the ASEAN region where we are expanding, for three successive years in a bid to increase our name recognition there. The Guam Governor's Cup, a golf tournament for professional female golfers whose main sponsor is the Guam Visitors Bureau, is held at Leopalace Resort Guam.

Sports Promotion


Leopalace21 sponsors Japan national competitive and synchronized swimming teams.

Leopalace21 sponsors Japan national competitive and synchronized swimming teams.
Leopalace21 sponsors Japan national competitive and synchronized swimming teams.

Leopalace Guam Resort provides facilities for Japan national swim teams.

Guam Resort
Guam Resort
Guam Resort

Special Supporter of "Iki Ultra Marathon 2017"

Leopalace21 is an official sponsor of the Iki Ultra Marathon for two successive years, a first-time event held in Nagasaki Prefecture in October 2016. As a way to showcase Iki city's appeal with the aim of contributing to tourism promotion and the regional economy, the ultra marathon is held on the island of Ikinoshima, which Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs certified as a Japan Heritage story in 2015, to commemorate its part in the certified "Ancient Bridge to the Continent" story. We will strive to stimulate regional economies and foster regional revitalization by contributing to regional communities through sports promotions.

Special Supporter of

Main Activities and Targets the CSR Committee Oversees

Main Activities and Targets the CSR Committee Oversees

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