Engaging in Sound, Constructive Communication with Stakeholders

Leopalace21 is building sound and constructive partnership with all the stakeholders in the operations through active disclosure attitude and engagement discussions.

Communication with Property Owners

Leopalace21 ("the Company") holds regular individual consultation meetings throughout the country as a way to support better life plan designs for the various assets of property owners. The Company responds to any requests to explain the problem of construction defects, the financial status, and other issues, thereby striving to regain the trust of the property owners. In addition to individual consultation meetings, the Company also regularly holds property owner briefing sessions throughout the country in FY21/3 as it did for the previous fiscal year as a way for the property owners all over Japan to interact with its employees.

Communication with Property Owners

Communication with Tenants

The Company delivers various information through tenant dedicated website and application &Leo as well as organizing a regular tenant survey, thereby realize continual communication with the tenants.

Communication with Investors and Shareholders

The Company is engaging with stakeholders through providing financial statements on the website and organizing semi-annual financial results briefings as well as one-on-one meetings for institutional investors. The management team is regularly briefed with feedbacks by investors and shareholders so that they make decisions considering the responses from the stock market.

Communication with Business Partners

The Company holds yearly financial results briefing for the business partners where the President and CEO explains the financial performance. In addition, the Company organizes regular meetings with business partners for continual communication.

Employee Communication

The Company started operating a Suggestion Box In July 2019 for Management as a system for employees to make direct suggestions to the management team. Submissions to this suggestion box are divided into seven categories that include improving our corporate value, improving our corporate culture, and improving our work environment. After these submissions are reported to the leadership team, they are discussed by Directors, Outside Directors, and Executive Officers and then reflected in the business administration.

Fiscal Year Number of Submissions
FY20/3 285
FY21/3 162

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