Corporate Ethics Charter

We do business based on our corporate philosophy to "create new value." As part of that process, we have created a Corporate Ethics Charter. We are determined to establish legal and social compliance as the cornerstone of all of our corporate activities. This is exemplified by our President and CEO, whose role it is to increase awareness about the spirit of this charter and continuously share it with all officers and employees of all group companies.

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Compliance Hotline

We have set up an internal compliance hotline (the Compliance Management Division) and an external compliance hotline (a law firm) for accepting reports from our officers and employees and providing guidance to them when they find a possible violation of laws or unfair practices. The compliance hotline system ensures whistleblower protection and an appropriate response based on the result of an investigation in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act and our Whistleblowing Regulations. We will make improvements regarding any problem identified. The system also serves as a suggestion box so that officers and employees can submit, in confidence, opinions about the company. It should also be noted that we have set up a partner hotline for accepting reports from officers and employees of our business partners which have continuous business relationships with us and providing guidance to them when they find a possible violation of laws or unfair practices within our Group. Similar steps as those taken with our hotline system will be followed.

Compliance Manual and Card

We distribute a compliance manual that prescribes the code of conduct based on the Corporate Ethics Charter to all officers and employees in order to fully instill their understanding of the Corporate Ethics Charter and raise awareness while performing their duties. In addition, all officers and employees always carry this card printed with an outline of the Corporate Ethics Charter and information about the compliance hotlines.


Education and training

Leopalace21 Group is concentrating on deepening the understanding and knowledge about compliance for each officer and employee. The Group conducts training on compliance for new graduates, management, and board members, as well as the implementation of on-demand e-learning training on topics such as harassment prevention and management of personal information. Also, the Group aims to improve compliance and ethics periodically and consecutively by transmitting information concerning law amendments and revisions.

Responses to anti-social forces

We clearly state in our Corporate Ethics Charter that any "association with anti-social forces be eliminated." We have no relations with anti-social forces or organizations that threaten the social order and safety and stand firmly against them.

Anti-Bribery Policy

Leopalace21 Group has adopted an anti-bribery policy to counter bribery in the countries and regions where the Group engages in business activities.

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Information disclosure

We make every effort to disclose information to shareholders and wider investor community to ensure management transparency and objectivity. We proactively engage in IR activities, including prompt announcement of the results of accounting settlement, timely disclosure by such means as information disclosure via the Internet, timely delivery of news releases, holding results briefing sessions, issuance of business reports to shareholders, issuance of annual reports to investors and timely implementation of IR events for foreign investors.

Information security

We are actively strengthening our information management system in order to appropriately manage the personal information of owners and tenants of apartment houses, as well as corporate information.

The Compliance Committee plays a leading role in ensuring proper use and management of personal information, with the General Manager of the Management Headquarters serving as the Personal Information Management Supervisor, in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and regulations together with our Privacy Policy. We have built a structure for quickly responding in the unlikely event of an incident related to information security.

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