More details about dividend and shareholders' benefit program

We offer dividends corresponding to our business results and a special benefit program for shareholders twice a year to the parties listed in the shareholder registry at the date of right allotment.


The Leopalace21 Group acknowledges that the distribution of profit to shareholders is an important management issue. In consideration of recent performance and its earnings forecasts for the fiscal year, we have decided to propose payment of a year-end dividend of 10.00 yen in FY16/3, the first dividend in seven years. Concerning the dividend payout ratio, we will set a medium-term goal of 30% (in respect to consolidated net income), in addition to maintaining a stable dividend.

Shareholders' benefit program

We offer a shareholder benefit program, in appreciation of the support of our shareholders, as well as to expand the number of individual shareholders and increase medium- to long-term ownership.
We have expanded the shareholder benefit program since the record in the shareholder registry as of March 31, 2016, in order to show our gratitude for our shareholders who have owned our shares in the long-term. At the same time, the Company aims to increase the number of investors who will become our shareholders in the long-term.

Detail of the program

No. of shares owned Benefits Period of ownership
Less than
3 years
More than
3 years
100 to 999 shares Free night's stay at the Leopalace Resort Hotel 2 coupons 3 coupons
50% discount on a nights' stay at Leopalace hotels
within Japan
2 coupons 3 coupons
1,000 shares or more Free night's stay at the Leopalace Resort Hotel 2 coupons 3 coupons
50% discount on a nights' stay at Leopalace hotels
within Japan
8 coupons 12 coupons

Dividend and shareholders' benefit program

Dividends and Shareholder Benefit Program

See more details about dividend and shareholders' program

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