Hotline for Business Partners

Leopalace21 has set up the "Business Partners Hotline" as a contact point for officers and employees of the business partners, which conduct continuous business transactions with Leopalace21, to consult or report any violations of laws or corporate ethics (Leopalace21 Corporate Ethics Charter) or any suspicious acts. It helps to promptly discover and rectify any such violations.

In accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act and our whistleblowing regulations, we will protect whistleblowers and take appropriate measures based on the results of investigations.

Consultations/Reports contact point

Leopalace21 Compliance Promotion Headquarters (Secretariat of the Compliance Committee)

Hotline users

Officers and employees of the business partners which have a continuous business relationship with Leopalace21

Subject matters for consultations or reports

We expect the business partners will use the hotline if they discover a violation of laws and regulations or corporate ethics (our Corporate Ethics Charter) or any suspected acts.

Methods and conditions for consultations and reports

  • Please fill in a form specified for consultation or report. (Japanese only)
  • Please make sure to put your name, company and department name, contact information such as telephone number or e-mail address and the like, the time of the occurrence of the violation, and other details. Such information is used to follow up the case for the purpose of factual checkout, investigation and corrective actions.
  • Please write about the case by mentioning, when, where, who, what, why, and how as specifically as possible.
  • Please note that we will not accept consultations or notifications from a third party but persons directly concerned.
  • We will not respond to consultations or reports which contain slanders or anything for unfair purposes.

Response to Consultations or Reports

  • We will acknowledge the receipt of consultation or report to the hotline users by e-mail or telephone as quickly as possible.
  • We will confirm the fact and conduct investigation with regard to the details of consultation or report, and in the event of any violation of laws and regulations as a result, we will correct such violation and prevent the recurrence.

Protection of whistleblowers and persons who consult

  • We will not treat anyone unfairly who consulted or reported.
  • We will not disclose the personal information of a person who consulted or reported without the consent of the person in question and keep it to the concerned who operate the whistleblowing hotline system.

Handling personal information

  • We will use the personal information provided to us through the Business Partners Hotline only to the extent necessary for confirming facts, investigate the case and communication to the whistleblower.
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