Corporate Philosophy

Creating New Value

1. We keep a close eye on modern-day needs, and strive to create new value in our own unique way, through flexible thinking and dynamic, inclusive teamwork.

2. We are only happy if our customers are happy. We are constantly working to improve our products, services and technologies and to grow as a company.

3. We provide new value throughout society as a leading company within the industry, to help create a more comfortable and affluent society.

Mission Statement

We seek to always be innovators,To create without ceasing,and further,we strive to increase value for society as a whole.

"10 Promises" of Leopalace21 Group

"10 Promises" of Leopalace21 Group 1.We will broadly contribute to society through continuous reform and the creation of new value. 2.We will aim to be a reliable and admired company with emphasis on equal opportunities and fair business practices. 3.We will prioritize serving our customers, and listen closely to what they have to say and identify their needs. 4.We will continue to provide valuable products and services in a timely manner, through constant innovation. 5.We will create a comfortable working environment where employees can fully exercise their skills and respect individuality and sense of values. 6.We will create a corporate culture where change and challenge is valued, and independence is respected. 7.We will provide appropriate returns of our results through fair, transparent and healthy business operations. 8.We will continue to grow through accurate identification of environmental changes, reforming our business model in a timely manner. 9.We will contribute to the development of society and the economy, by committing to high ethical standards and complying with the law. 10.We will diligently protect the global environment, and contribute to a prosperous society through corporate activities with close ties to regional communities.

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