Basic Policies on Corporate Responsibility

Based on our corporate philosophy to "create new value," we strive to meet expectations and develop hand in hand with our customers and all of our other stakeholders, and make every effort to contribute to a sustainable society as a good corporate citizen.

Leopalace21's Basic Policy on Corporate Responsibility Activities

In 2013, we devised a new Basic CSR Action Policy with five themes in response to the changing needs of our stakeholders, social and environmental problems, and the requirements of ISO26000 and other standards and guidelines.
Based on compliance and corporate governance that supports our businesses, we intend to implement CSR activities in accordance with the new policy, with the aim of "creating new value" together with all of our stakeholders.
We update our key performance indicators (KPIs) and key topics for our CSR initiatives from time to time to address CSR issues that are linked to our businesses and change in concert with the currents of the times.The new KPIs established in fiscal 2016 have been introduced to the relevant divisions and departments.

Leopalace21's Basic Policy on Corporate Responsibility Activities

CSR Management

In our CSR management, members of the CSR Committee serve as coordinators to bring together divisions and departments to engage in various CSR initiatives. The general manager of the Management Planning Headquarters chairs the committee. Meeting four times a year, the CSR Committee receives reports on progress against quantitative targets set each quarter by each division and department regarding initiatives that comport with the five themes of the Basic CSR Action Policy, and moves initiatives to the next phase of the PDCA cycle.
Key topics and KPIs are approved by the CSR Committee, and these are periodically reported to the Board of Directors.

CSR Management
Basic CSR Action Policy

Sustainable Development Goals: Our SDG Initiatives

At a United Nations summit held in September 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were unanimously agreed upon as a framework for action plans through 2030 for the sake of people, the planet and prosperity. In response to social needs and demand, we aim to contribute to addressing challenges through initiatives aligned with our basic CSR action policies.

Sustainable Development Goals
Our SDG Initiatives

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