Basic Policies on Corporate Responsibility

Based on our corporate philosophy to "create new value," we strive to meet expectations and develop hand in hand with our customers and all of our other stakeholders, and make every effort to contribute to a sustainable society as a good corporate citizen.

Leopalace21's Basic Policy on Corporate Responsibility Activities

In 2013, we devised a new Basic Corporate Responsibility Action Policy in response to the changing needs of our stakeholders, social and environmental problems, and the requirements of ISO 26000 and other standards and guidelines. We will steadily press ahead with the established five themes of the new policy in order to expand corporate responsibility activities even further through our businesses.
Based on compliance and corporate governance that supports our businesses, we intend to implement corporate responsibility activities in accordance with the new policy, with the aim of "creating new value" together with all of our stakeholders.

Leopalace21's Basic Policy on Corporate Responsibility Activities
Basic Policies on Corporate Responsibility and Main Activities
New basic policies on corporate responsibility activities Core subjects under ISO 26000 etc. Main activities Key performance indicators (KPI)
Providing high-quality services and supporting affluent living Consumer issues
  • High-quality services enabling safety and peace of mind
  • Improve client services further
  • Boost in-coming calls to service centers
  • No. of rooms with security systems installed
  • No. of buildings with security cameras installed
Contributing to local communities Community involvement
  • Involve stakeholders in cleanup activities
  • No. of cleanup events
  • No. of cleanup participants
Creating pleasant work environments and developing diverse human resources Human rights
Labor practices
  • Promote work-life balance
  • Foster diversity (boost ratio of female managers, employees with foreign citizenship)
  • No. of employees in training programs
  • Overtime hours worked
Creating an environmentally friendly society Natural environment
  • Solar power generation business
  • Factor environmental impact into our business activities
  • No. of buildings with solar power systems installed
  • CO2 emissions reduction
Engaging in sound, constructive communication with stakeholders Stakeholder engagement
  • Communication with diverse stakeholders
  • No. of meetings for landowners

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