Creating Pleasant Work Environment and Developing Diverse Human Resources

We regard human resources as critical asset to create new value as stated in the corporate philosophy and aim to build pleasant work environment.

Health and Productivity Management

Declaration to Promote Health and Productivity Management

Leopalace21 Group considers each employee's good mental and physical health as driving power to create innovation and has been assisting employees to keep their health and promoting health-focused initiatives as a pioneer of health and productivity management. The Company appointed President and CEO as the Group's Chief Health and Productivity Management Officer and is continuing to support employees to increase their health literacy and strengthen the initiatives to promote good health through continued assignment for director in charge of HR and General Affairs to be responsible for health initiatives and having full-time health nurses and clinical psychotherapists to readily available for helping employees across the board.

The Company continues to maintain work environment with a particular focus on the employees who should be able to use their full capabilities in the work place and promote following three major initiatives: (i) Prepare for keeping good mental health, (ii) Support balancing between work and curing serious diseases such as cancers and cerebrovascular disease, and (iii) Improve health index figures.

The Company accelerates the health-focused initiatives and aims to increase the employees' satisfaction in achieving self-fulfillment and enhance the engagement level and thereby increase the productivity and corporate value.

Bunya Miyao, President and CEO

Framework to Support Health and Productivity Management

As illustrated in the below diagram, President and CEO has the ultimate responsibility for pursuing health and productivity management.
The Company put the Director in charge of the Corporate Management Headquarters responsible for companywide health promotion; assign responsible persons at each department and branch office to implement various health-promotion measures; and make HR staff work in collaboration with an industrial physician, other health specialists, and health insurance society.

Challenges for Health and Productivity Management

The Company identified following three major challenges and implementing the respective countermeasures.

● Follow up employees at high risk as a result of annual health check
  • Prepare systematic update for the state of employees who need further examination
  • Strengthen monitoring of employees at high risk
● Reduce smokers
  • Start a four-year plan with the goal of realizing completely non-smoking work premises
  • Issue a Leopalace21 declaration to promote no smoking
  • Rigorously put into practice a rule of smoking only during given break time and get it across to the employees
  • Encourage and assist smoking employees to quit smoking
● Mental health and well-being measures
  • Make workplace members prepared for developing stress-resilient ability, detecting persons suffering from mental illness for early detection and treatment
  • Let both internal and external assistance providers more accessible by the employees
  • Refine the follow up procedures for employees who return to work after taking a leave of absence

The Company selected following indices for sharing the state and set yearly targets.

  • * Since the rate of paid leave usage result for FY2020 has already exceeded the FY2023 target, the target for FY2021 is being reset

Chronology of Leopalace21's Initiatives for Health and Productivity Management *

2015 -Set up Health Management Office
-Strengthened health promotion measures such as return-to-work support program
2016 -Established Leopalace21 group declaration of promoting health and productivity management
-Conducted the first companywide health awareness survey
-Started to compile the outcome of health awareness survey in an yearly report and share it with the employees - routinized issuance of the yearly report to present
2017 -Launched Leo Fit, a health promotion exercise
-Started a reduce-smoking month, an enlightenment to quit smoking
2018 -Established Health Promotion Office (now Health Promotion Section)
-Put in place a full-time health nurse and a full-time clinical psychotherapist
-Launched a periodic issue of physical and mental health related tips - routinized monthly issuance to present
-Recommended wearing sneakers for commuting
2019 -Held a Health and Productivity Conference - routinized yearly holding to present
-Closed indoor smoking spots
-Provided all employees for their benefit on top of sufferers themselves with a guide to support cancer sufferers to balance work and treatment
-Formulated mental health promotion plan
2020 -Appointed health promoters for each department/section
-Made the employees fully aware of a smart training, a recommendation by the health insurance society
-Provided employee with periodic tips for mental and physical well-being in COVID-19 pandemic
2021 -Posted an article on Intranet about interviewing President and CEO for health and productivity management
-Prohibited smoking outside the prescribed rest times and during overtime work
-Organized short lectures on mental health by clinical psychologists at health committee meetings

Holding Health and Productivity Management Conferences

The Company holds a Health and Productivity Management Conference once a year since FY2019 because a good collaboration with related organizations is indispensable for the Company to promote health and productivity management. The Annual Conference reviews the outcome of yearly health measures and reflect them on setting the next-year plan by involving the management team and inviting an industrial physician, a tie-up medical institution, a health insurance society and a mental health support service provider.

Creation of Leopalace21 Wellness Report

The Company makes numerical analysis on the outcome of the health awareness survey which was started in FY2016 and publish it in the Wellness Report to visualize the status of all the employees. The Report is used to appreciate the changes over the time and to examine and plan the effective health promotion measures.

Leopalace21 Wellness Report

Wellness Support by Utilizing In-house Specialists

The Healthcare Promotion Section is staffed with specialists who offer respective services to the employees considering the fact that mental and physical well-being is a key to mental health.

■Members of staff

Two full-time health nurses
Two full-time clinical psychotherapists

■Main scope of activities

Employees' health promotion through consultation, advising infectious disease prevention, enlightening health conscientious knowledge, and recommending workplace environment improvement

Training and Enlightenment

The Company provides the relevant employees with the healthcare related training sessions such as mental health training to new graduate hires, manager training for caring their subordinates, overseas expatriates training, various E-learning sessions for sleep/diet/exercise and for women's health.
The following trainings are the recent examples. They are all E-learning courses because of COVID-19.

■E-learning for enhancing health base

  • Target: All employees
  • Objective: Pick up tips on food, exercise and sleep for heathy life
  • Frequency: Twice a year
  • Participation ratio: 74.6%

■E-learning for mental health care training by line managers

  • Target: All managers
  • Objective: Acquire knowledge about manager's responsibility for obligations of considering safety and mental health care for the subordinates
  • Frequency: Once a year
  • Participation ratio: 84.2%

■E-learning for female employees' health

  • Target: Female employees aged 40 or above
  • Objective: Acquire knowledge about women's specific health challenges as they change with age
  • Frequency: Once a year
  • Participation ratio: 69.3%

Company-specific Health Examination Follow-up Session and Consultation for Healthcare

The Company has been organizing since 2018 the company specific health examination follow-up sessions to avoid the lifestyle diseases as a joint initiative between in-house health nurses and external health nurses. Year 2019 has seen increased number of sessions in Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. The initiative helped employees who tend to excuse for delaying to visit medical institutions due to their daily rush and the number of participants increased as many as more than five times. Online sessions are available to respond to the COVID-19 difficulties.

In-house Newsletter Launch

The Company launched in May 2018 "Wellness Letter" and "Break Time," information newsletters with articles of mental and physical health prepared by the industrial health staff on the theme of providing tips for wellness-minded self-fulfillment.

■Periodic delivery

  • Physical health・・・Bi-monthly (6 times a year)
  • Mental health・・・Bi-monthly (6 times a year)
  • Special theme on cancers・・・A few times a year

Creating Worker-friendly Workplaces

Activities on Promoting Diversity

The Company has been promoting diverse working styles through various systems and measures after having established the Diversity Promotion Office (previous Work-Life Balance Promotion Office and now a part of HR and General Affairs Department) reporting directly to the President and CEO in January 2014. The rate of paid leave usage increased to 90.5% for FY21/3 as a result of facilitating to take paid leaves by setting up refreshment holiday and taking a leave in the unit of hour in addition to in the unit of half a day.
The Company introduced teleworking as a means to maximize the employee performance and aims to improve the workplace conditions for making use of individual employee's ability and full potential.

Rate of paid leave usage

Rate of paid leave usage

Data in FY21/3

Ratio of female new hires 58.2%
Ratio of female regular employees 36.6%
Ratio of female managers 7.6%
No. of female directors 1
Ratio of female directors 10%
Usage rate of childcare leave by female employees (note) 100%
Usage rate of childcare leave by male employees (note) 28%
No. of female employees with reduced working hours 219

Formulated an Action Plan in accordance with Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace

The Company formulated the action plan as follows to assist female employees to continue their jobs and prepare the work environment for increased opportunities.


From April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2026


  1. Increase the number of female employees in management positions to 70 by the end of March 2026.
  2. Promote the use of Company-unique measure for extended nursery fee allowance due to overtime work. Change the measure more user-friendly and increase the yearly usage ratio to 50% of all eligible workers.

Support for Career Development of Female Employees

The Company organized following events in response to the action plans formulated based on the Act on Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace.

Career Plan Registration

The Company considers and implements appropriate placement of female employees with career aspirations

Career Development Training for Young Employees

The Company supported measures to improve career motivation, targeting the employees between the ages of 25 and 31.

Management Training

The Company provided management training for entry-level managers to improve subordinate development skills

Work-life balance Support Measures

Introduction of Life Support Holiday (Accumulated Paid Leave)

The Company introduced life support holiday (accumulated paid leave) in 2020. The employees can accumulate the unused paid leave and use it for the unexpected events such as care-giving to the family members as well as own injuries and diseases. The newly introduced holiday is intended for assisting the employees to balance work and treatment and create the work environment where every employee is relieved to continue their jobs in the difficult situation.

Prepared a Guide to Support Cancer Patients in Balancing Work and Curing Cancers

Cancers are lengthy illness yet getting curable and not fatal disease as the survival rate improved due to advanced diagnosis technique and development in cure method. The Company prepared a guide to support cancer-suffering employees to continue their jobs while taking medical treatment which contains leave of absence handling, advice for return-to-work, windows for consultation, and memoir of survivors.

Created and Distributed a Guide for Balancing Work and Family Care for All Employees

One of the tools to deepen understanding of various systems related to childcare and nursing care is "Family Care Balanced with Work Guide for Supervisors and Subordinates." The guide contains not only explanation of the support systems but interview articles on employees who were supported by the systems and necessary mindset of employees faced with child-rearing or nursing care, preparations for balancing with work and tips for supervisors to refer when the subordinates face the difficulties.

a Guidebook for Balancing Work and Family Care for All Employees

Special Extension of Childcare Leave

Parent employees are entitled to have statutory childcare leave until the child becomes one year old (up to two years old if certain conditions are met). The Company has set an extended period of childcare leave until the child becomes two years old to deal with the prolonged lack of vacancy issue at a childcare center, employees are able to extend the period to one day before the child turning to three.

Joined "Iku Boss" Corporate Alliance

Leopalace21 joined In March 2017 the "Iku Boss" Corporate Alliance established by NPO Fathering Japan.
The alliance is aimed at socializing the managers (i.e., bosses) to deliver results for the organization and still find time to enjoy their work and private lives while keeping in mind the work-life balance of employees reporting to them. It is a company network that aims to urge the managers to adapt their mentality.

Joined Iku Boss Corporate Alliance

Diverse Human Resource Development

Employee Training System

The Company has put in place a training system to help every employee develop their skills independently to realize their own self-fulfillment, aiming to nurture an individual and organization capable of self-reliance. Rank-based training is designed to develop abilities required for each rank. In addition to group-based training, employees acquire skills on an ongoing and gradual basis by given preparatory and ex-post assignments and E-learning courses associated with the group training. The employees undergo training for managerial posts at the promotion to acquire the skills and knowledge that they require as managers, and learn the organizational management and the way of developing subordinates.

Support for Employees Seeking to Obtain Qualifications

Each department provides support to acquire various public qualifications directly related to the operations. The Company aims to realize an effective operation to respond to a wide range of requests from the customers through deepening the expertise of each employee and accumulating various types of knowledge.

  • Payment of financial incentive and examination fee:
    The Company pays for the examination fee and a financial incentive to employees who succeed in the examination.

Support for Career Formation and Career Development

The Company organizes various programs and provide career training to help employees develop their careers independently.

  • Career plan registration system:
    A system in which each employee thinks about their future career plan and consults their superior according to the plan.
  • Job posting system:
    A system that allows employees to apply for another job that suit their career orientation in accordance with available internal job openings.
    The Company continues to improve the employee's sense of growth and engagement by providing above-mentioned support, and prepare the internal environment that leads to further improving business performance and customer satisfaction.

Career Course Changing System

The Company has five career courses in different job categories and mobility combinations and the employees can change courses if certain conditions are met.

  • Employees under general contract:
    Those who may be transferrable in all regions in Japan and overseas
  • Employees under restricted contract:
    Those who, in principle, may only be transferrable within a commutable range from their current residences.
  • Employees under general contract at Azumi En (elderly care facility):
    Those whose job is limited to the nursing care facilities business and may be transferrable in all regions in Japan and overseas
  • Employees under restricted contract at Azumi En (elderly care facility):
    Those whose job is limited to the nursing care facility business and, in principle, may only be transferrable within a commutable range from their current residences.
  • Employees under specific contract at Azumi En (elderly care facility):
    Those whose job is limited to the nursing care facilities business and designated to a specific facility.

Personnel System

The Company's personnel system emphasizes linkage between grading based on role and ability, performance evaluation, and compensation. The Company raises the management mindset and growth motivation of each employee, and promote synchronized growth of both employees and company through running the personnel system.

Promoting Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Leopalace Smile Co., Ltd. was established In August 2009 as a subsidiary to employ increased number of employees with disabilities, which was authorized in November 2009 as a special subsidiary.

Leopalace Smile
Major commissioned businesses of Leopalace Smile
Sort, collect, deliver and send mails
Replenish and exchange hand soap / disinfecting liquid
Produce and prepare specifically designed business cards
Shred documents
Digitize documents and drawings
Reset locks and keys for apartment rooms under management
Analyze and process security camera recordings
Make traced drawings for apartment rooms for rent
Employment ratio of persons with disabilities
April 1, 2008 1.51%
April 1, 2009 1.63%
April 1, 2010 1.96%
March 31, 2011 2.09%
March 31, 2012 2.05%
March 31, 2013 2.07%
March 31, 2014 2.07%
March 31, 2015 2.04%
March 31, 2016 2.05%
March 31, 2017 2.14%
March 31, 2018 2.17%
March 31, 2019 2.23%
March 31, 2020 2.27%
March 31, 2021 2.49%
March 31, 2022 2.65%

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