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Ideas for Personalized Living Style

Community Space "L+" (L plus)

We have set up community spaces we call "L+" as places all our clients can use based on the concept of "a plus for lifestyle."
In fiscal 2015, we carried out projects bringing together companies and academic collaborators to promote deeper ties between Leopalace21 and students. To make our community spaces more attractive as gathering spots, we commissioned students in the visual design department at Kindai University to come up with designer art for our Osaka L+ space and students at Tokyo Metropolitan University to do the same for our Shinjuku L+ space.
At our Sendai L+ space, Kamoi Kakoshi Co., Ltd. presented an exhibit on easy-to-make interior decorations made from masking tape.

Community Space

Offering Safe and Secure Residences

Obtained ISO 9001

We have obtained ISO 9001 (2008) at all offices and headquarters on December 24, 2008.

Date obtained November 30, 2015
Standard ISO 9001 2008
Authentication number 2693277
Scope of authentication Planning, development, design, and construction supervision of Leopalace21 series, elderly care facilities, and stores.
Planning and construction supervision of solar power systems.
Obtainer Subcontracting Management Department, Construction Business Division, and Product Technology Department, Corporate Business Promotion Headquarters of Leopalace21 Corporation
Examining authority Bureau Veritas Japan
ISO 9001

Basic Policy for CSR in Procurement (Established on August 1, 2016)

The Leopalace21 Group will promote CSR activities based on the following basic policy for procurement with suppliers from whom the Leopalace21 Group procures building materials, equipment, office supplies, and office equipment.

  1. Based on the principles of free and fair competition, the Leopalace21 Group will comprehensively examine the quality, price, economic performance, delivery time, corporate managing policy, credibility, etc., and assign top priority to suppliers that offer superior performance.
  2. Working together with suppliers, the Leopalace21 Group will abide by the corresponding laws and regulations and rules of the countries and regions where the Leopalace21 Group engages in business activities, and will conduct sound and fair corporate activities. To achieve coexistence and co-prosperity, the Leopalace21 Group will establish mutual understanding and build mutual trust relationships with suppliers.
  3. The Leopalace21 Group will conduct transactions with all suppliers in a fair and equal manner. The Group will fully perform its duties under the contracts with suppliers, and will not take advantage of its superior position to impose unfair conditions of transactions on and demand unreasonable advantages, etc. from its suppliers.
  4. The Leopalace21 Group will promote green procurement, giving consideration to the preservation of the earth's environment and working together with its suppliers to reduce the environmental impact.
  5. The Leopalace21 Group will strictly manage information, etc. shared between the Group and its suppliers, and work to prevent the leaking of information to outside parties.

Improving Customer Satisfaction with High-quality Service

Launching an Industry-first Electronic Contract Service

We launched Leo-sign, the first electronic contract service in the rental housing industry, for tenants on corporate and individual contracts. In consummating an apartment lease, an entire sequence of steps have been moved to the Leo-sign platform from displaying estimates to concluding contracts as well as processing contract options such as a parking space. The system enables us to lighten our clients' workload while also improving our own operational efficiency.
Compared with the previous approach, the new system streamlines various office tasks such as preparing documents and storing contracts and the like, reducing paper usage substantially and thus lightening our environmental impact.

Launching an Industry-first Electronic Contract Service

Service Centers Offer Full Post-Move-in Support

Leopalace21 has systems in place to respond swiftly to various problems and emergencies that can arise after moving in to an apartment. At our service centers, our specialist communicators accurately analyze inquiries from customers and continuously add and update the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on our website. In this way, we ease customer doubts and anxieties and improve satisfaction levels, and thus enable them to live safe, comfortable lives in the apartments we manage.
Our menu of tenant services is reshaping what people expect from rental housing, such as concierge services that respond to tenant requests via MY PAGE, a site exclusively for tenants launched in 2013.

Service Centers Offer Full Post-Move-in Support

Services for International Tenants, Supporting Smooth Move-ins, Comfortable Living

Across multiple dimensions, we provide support to enable international tenantsto live comfortably.
Our rental housing website is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Vietnamese, and our call center accepts calls in these five languages. We hold gatherings for exchange students with an orientation on move-in manners where we inform them of key dos and don'ts for contracts, move-ins, and departures. In fiscal 2015, 1,306 people came to the get-togethers we hosted at 82 sites across Japan. Over 90% of those who came gave them high marks, telling us they went away with a solid understanding of what was communicated.
We are building out our overseas office network, especially in Southeast Asia, so we have in place a well-developed system for helping with room searches and sewing up contracts before foreign customers even come to Japan. In our personnel assignments to our domestic offices, we are proactively assigning more employees with foreign citizenship (277 employees as of March 31, 2016), and we will continue to help people coming to Japan by supporting convenient apartment searches and comfortable living.

Services for International Tenants, Supporting Smooth Move-ins, Comfortable Living

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