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Promotion of Solar Power Generation Business

Since 2011 we have focused on three models to actively advance our solar power generation business: (1) solar panel installations via owner investments; (2) wholesaling electricity generated from solar panels installed on rooftops leased from owners; and (3) the design and execution of a mega-solar project on a vacant site.
As of March 31, 2016, the total installed generation capacity stands at 182.1 MW, with installations on the rooftops of 12,964 buildings. We plan to move forward with solar power generation initiatives as a way to support safe, sustainable energy generation.

Promotion of Solar Power Generation Business

Reducing Environmental Impact of Our Business Activities

We are working to reduce the environmental burden of our business activities. In fiscal 2015, like in fiscal 2014, we implemented a "Cool Biz" dress code for summer and an Eco-green cards program, executed an initiative to reuse discarded materials, added more mini-cars to our fleet, and converted more facilities to LED lighting.
These measures were implemented at parent company properties such as the head office and at all Group facilities*, even as we took steps to reduce electricity usage.
The head office monitors electricity usage, and we continue to advance ambitious initiatives in recognition of the large size of the impacts of our business activities on the environment. In fiscal 2015, electricity usage at the head office came to 1,763,000kWh.

  • *This excludes owner salons, computer rooms, hotels, the Guam resort, and overseas offices
Reducing Environmental Impact of Our Business Activities

Paper Reuse

We continue with attempts to reuse documents in storage that no longer need to be retained. In iscal 2015, we reused important documents that had been kept at the head office and owner salons to make toilet paper and this yielded 30,532 rolls. This equates to one month's toilet paper for the Group's entire workforce.

Replacement of Old Copiers

We finished replacing 40 old copiers with energy-efficient models in the two years from fiscal 2014 to fiscal 2015. This brings to an end an initiative to upgrade all 486 copiers in the Group's fleet. This initiative reduced our electricity usage by 70.4%, yielding a 48.5% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Converting Facilities to LED Lighting

We implement initiatives to save energy while ensuring tenants can live comfortably. At all ewly built apartments, LED lighting is a standard feature, and we install LED lighting in common-use spaces when we renovate existing apartments. We also install LED lighting in buildings at the Hotels & Resort Business and Elderly Care Business. In fiscal 2015, we installed LED lighting at Hotel Leopalace Hakata and at 46 elderly care facilities.

Converting Facilities to LED Lighting01
Converting Facilities to LED Lighting02

Independent Third-party Assurance on Environmental Reporting

Independent Third-party Assurance on Environmental Reporting

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