ESG Activities in the context of Sustainability

Providing superior quality services and affluent lifestyles
  • IT Enabled Services
  • Rent Assessment System Utilizing AI
  • Promoting Smart Apartments
  • Nursing Care Facilities with the Latest IoT Systems
  • Acquired the "Excellent Security Rental Apartment" Certification
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction with High-quality Services
Contributing to the local community
  • Contribute to the Creation of a Friendly Living Environment through Communication with Local Communities
  • Blood Donations
  • "Volunteer Vending Machines"
  • Leopalace Recycle Reading
  • Picture Book Delivery Campaign
  • Nuno (cloth) Chokkin for Everyone
Creating pleasant working environments and developing diverse human resources
  • Health and Productivity Management
  • Creating Worker-friendly Workplaces
  • Joined the "Iku Boss" Corporate Alliance
  • Diverse Human Resource Development
  • Promoting Employment of Disabled People
Creating an Environmentally Friendly Society
  • CO2 emissions (Scope 1, 2 and 3)
  • Operating CSR Procurement Guidelines
  • Contributing to a Low-Carbon Society by Building ZEH Housing
  • See Environmental Program by Data
  • Independent Assurance Statement
Engaging in positive and active communication with stakeholders
  • Communication with Property Owners
  • Communication with Tenants
  • Communication with Investors and Shareholders
  • Communication with Business Partners
  • Employee Communication

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