Corporate Responsibility Activities

Providing superior quality services and affluent lifestyles
  • Promoting Smart Apartments
  • Improve customer satisfaction with high-quality services
  • Offer safe and secure residences
Contributing to the local community
  • Organize cleanup campaigns
  • Lockers for Around-the-Clock Package Pickups and Drop-offs
  • Raise money for charity and make donations
  • Blood donations
  • "Volunteer vending machines"
  • Raise funds via the Leopalace Recycle Reading program
  • Support UNHCR
  • Promote sports
  • Special Supporter of "Iki Ultra Marathon 2016"
Creating pleasant working environments and developing diverse human resources
  • Create pleasant work environments
  • Developing diverse human resources
  • Promote disabled employment
Creating an Environmentally Friendly Society
  • Promote solar power business
  • Independent Assurance Statement
  • Reduce environmental impact of business activities
Engaging in positive and active communication with stakeholders
  • Actively engaging in IR activities
  • Maintain dialogue with apartment owners

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