Corporate Profile

Learn more about Leopalace21, including our corporate philosophy, corporate data and business activities.

  • Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance

    Learn more about Leopalace21's basic policy on corporate governance, as well as related systems and reporting procedures.

  • Corporate Responsibility

    Corporate Responsibility

    Read about Leopalace21's commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

  • Diversity


    Read about Leopalace21's Diversity promotion.

  • Compliance


    Read about Leopalace21's compliance guideline and initiatives.

  • Corporate Data

    Corporate Data

    Read facts and figures about Leopalace21, including our date of establishment and capital.

  • Management


    See a full list of our Management team.

  • History


    Read all about the history of Leopalace21, from our establishment right through to the present day.

  • Business Activities

    Business Activities

    Read about Leopalace21's business activities and link to websites for each of our lines of business.

  • Overseas Network

    Overseas Network

    See a list of Leopalace21's overseas offices and read about their business activities.

  • Group Companies

    Group Companies

    See a list of Leopalace21's group companies and read about their business activities.

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