The cornerstone of our business here at Leopalace21 depends on harnessing synergy between our core businesses, which are leasing and construction, and our related businesses.

We have developed a unique business model that enables us to make effective use of land and supply quality homes at the same time, spearheaded by our core apartment leasing and construction businesses.

Although these are our core lines of business, we continue to provide services in line with modern needs, and have introduced a range of related services as the environment has continued to change in recent years.

Move into a leased property

We offer "chintai (general) contracts", to help lower your upfront costs, and "monthly contracts", which give you access to a fully furnished property on a monthly basis.

As well as our LEONET broadband service designed specifically with tenants in mind, we now provide a range of pioneering services such as property security.

Leopalace21 leasing services

With around 550,000 rooms nationwide, we can provide you with the ideal property to suit your needs. As well as individual customers, we have also been highly acclaimed for our corporate housing services.

LEONET Broadband Services (Japanese only)

We provide an effortless broadband environment, offering Internet access and a whole host of other content, including cable TV channels and online shopping services.

Search for overseas properties

For customers based in Japan, we offer a range of local rental properties, including homes, office space and retail facilities.

Make the most of your land

Combining low costs with energy savings and outstanding durability, we develop high-performance products that meet a whole host of needs for leased accommodation. Our properties have been highly acclaimed for their stylish design and functionality too. We provide a total support system, including our Master Lease System, and offer powerful support in terms of rental property management, which is a long-term business.

Leopalace21 land use solutions (Japanese only)

We offer "ideal land use solutions" to suit whatever land you may own. As well as apartments, we have recently undertaken construction of elderly care and commercial facilities. We can meet any and all needs when it comes to land use.

Enjoy your later years

We run elderly care facilities and provide care services to meet the needs of our aging society. We operate community-oriented "group homes", "day services", "short-stay services" and "elderly homes with nursing care services / residential style elderly homes ." We also offer services such as home visits, bathing and home care support.

Azumi En elderly care facilities (Japanese only)

We operate a total of 63 Azumi En elderly care facilities in the Kanto region. We provide environments and services that provide total peace of mind, for elderly residents and family members alike.

Live life to the full

Set in extensive grounds in Guam, Leopalace Resort boasts its own golf course, baseball field and numerous other sports facilities, as well as a hotel and condominiums. In Japan meanwhile, we run Leopalace Hotels in seven different locations nationwide.

Leopalace Resort Guam

We manage Leopalace Resort Guam, set in extensive grounds that cover around 1% of the island's total area. The adjoining Pan-Pacific Sports Center meanwhile is fully equipped with international-standard sports facilities.

Leopalace Hotels

We operate hotels in major cities throughout Japan, offering unique long-stay options as well as short-stay. Our hotels provide an extra level of comfort, through services such as free video on demand (VOD) for all guests.

Contribute to society

Other Businesses, including solar power and small-amount, short-term insurance businesses, support the core businesses of Leasing and Construction.

Small-amount, short-term insurance business

Through ASUKA SSI, we sell tenant contents insurance. We support tenants during everyday troubles such as fire, lightning, and theft.

Solar power business

In addition to solar power system installation by the burden of apartment owners, we promote installations by our group through Leopalace Power. Due to the feed-in-tariff scheme, we can expect stable power generation revenues for a 20-year time period.

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